1. there is love in your body but you can’t get it out it gets stuck in your head, won’t come out of your mouth, sticks to your tongue and shows on your face, that the sweetest of words have the bitterest taste

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    best tv/movie characters:

    [64/??] Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

    ↳ “Not every spell turns out as perfect as the one I did on you.

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    literally just did this bcs of jemima.


    sometimes i wonder why were friends tho

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    TMI cast + credits

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  5. “You can rant all you want about honor and honesty and how mundanes don’t have any of either, but if you were honest, you’d admit this tantrum is just because you’re in love with him. It doesn’t have anything to do with—”
       Alec moved, blindingly fast. A sharp crack resounded through her head. He had shoved her against the wall so hard that the back of her skull had struck the wood paneling. His face was inches from hers, eyes huge and black. “Don’t you ever,” he whispered, mouth ablanched line, “ever, say anything like that to him or I’ll kill you. I swear on the Angel, I’ll kill you.”
       The pain in her arms where he gripped her was intense. Against her will she gasped. He blinked—as if he were waking up out of a dream—and let her go, jerking his hands away like her skin had burned him. Without a word he spun and hurried back toward the infirmary. He was lurching as he walked, like someone drunk or dizzy.
       Clary rubbed her sore arms, staring after him, appalled at what she’d done. Good job, Clary. Now you’ve really made him hate you.

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    He is so pretty.

  8. "And then we met you, and it was like he woke up. You couldn’t see it, because you’d never known him any different… you thought it was amazing that you could see us, but what was amazing to me was that Jace could see you too.”

  9. TMI characters: Clary Fray

    "I don’t want tea. I want to find my mother. And then I want to find out who took her in the first place, and I want to kill them."



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